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  • Etherecash is a peer to peer lending platform connecting crypto and Fiat currencies in a unique way. With etherecash you can transfer money worldwide with ease. Etherecash provides its own crypto debit card to shop online or in-stores and also convert crypto into fiat currency in no time with ATM's all over the world.
Etherecash aims to bridge the gap between those with access to finance and those without, eliminating borders, intermediaries and prejudices. By bringing the 3 core functions of finance on the blockchain and using smart contract technology we can significantly improve transparency, reliability and security in financial services. We want to revolutionise how you Lend, Send and Spend with the Etherecash platform.
It is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum smart contract allowing for seemless integration and deployment on the Ethereum blockchain.
The Etherecash Token facilitates all transactions on the platform and all fees are payable in Etherecash token. It is used for the issuing of loans, repayment of loans, money transfers and can be used also on our multi-crypto debit card.
We anticipate that demand for the Etherecash token will grow as more users join the platform and use Etherecash to complete their transactions. This we believe may influence the demand and appreciation of the Etherecash token.
  • It’s quite simple. Great opportunities are easy to understand. If you:
  • Understand this white paper.
  • Realise the need for change in these three core functions of finance (Lending, Sending, Spending).
  • Support the adoption of blockchain technology and lawyer backed smart contracts for the enhancement of the sector, through transparency, security and reliability.
  • Appreciate the level of detail and planning we have put into our concept and roadmap for development.
  • Believe that our team has the capabilities, passion and determination to make this vision a reality.
  • Foresee value being created through this innovative opportunity.
  • For more information, refer to our Participation Guide.
For BTC and ETH minimum amount you may contribute with is 0.01BTC and 0.1ETH resp.
You can convert this to Bitcoin or Ethereum first and then purchase the Etherecash tokens using either BTC or ETH.
Etherecash is open to any person who is not resident or situated in any state or jurisdiction where such transactions are not applicable by law or require specific licensing or regulatory approvals. Participating persons are independently responsible to determine such restrictions applicable to them directly and comply with them.Etherecash platform currently does not support participation for citizens and tax residents from the following countries: USA, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Central African Republic, China, Somlia, Lebanon, Nepal, Singapore, South Korea and Bangladesh.
Yes, to make this platform secure and transparent, you need to complete our Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) requirements.
Yes, the Pre-Sale starts from 25th October and finished on 7th November 2017. Get Going!
During Pre-ICO, you will be able to buy Etherecash tokens at a lower price than during ICO.
Yes, we are offering attractive bonuses to early bird investors. See below for details:
  • 25th October 2017: Bonus 25%
  • 26th October - 31st October 2017: 22%
  • 1st November - 7th November 2017: 20%
  • 15th November 2017: 15%
  • Week 1: 12%
  • Week 2: 10%
  • Week 3: 5%
  • Week 4: 3%
The Soft Cap is $15 million or 36 million coins and the Maximum Investment Cap $100 million.
We feel there is a need for improving access and methods of finance on a global scale. While we have explored a means of achieving this, through our extensive research and analysis, there is a timescale associated with any technological development. Through ICO, we can reduce this timeframe, connect with best minds in this field and get to market faster. People have waited long enough for financial freedom, and we want to bring them one step closer.

The budgeting and cost structure has been prepared to best utilise funds to achieve a sustainable business model.

  • Admin & Operations 15% : Operational cost of running the platform and consumables.
  • Legal, Accounting, Advisory 20% : Establishing legal entities, complying with ongoing regulatory framework, incorporation and other legal obligations.
  • Growth, Sales, Marketing 25% : Developing relationships, procuring strategists to drive our reach to a wider audience, building support and trust in the process.
  • Core Development 40% : Complete development of the platform including hiring technical resources and establishing the infrastructure to support development.
You can see our development plan by visiting our roadmap section on homepage.
Yes, It will be listed on globally recognised exchanges. Will keep you updated.

Etherecash is unique as it is the first of its kind to offer Lawyer Backed Smart Contracts which ensure the borrower and lender are legally secure. The second biggest advantage is that we facilitate loans against cryptos, giving you access to funds without needing to liquidate your cryptos. This helps you to maximise the potential of your assets. The Etherecash Crypto Debit Card is revolutionizing the way we spend, by giving you multiple options to spend your cryptos online, in-stores and for ATM withdrawals in local currency.

We are committed to achieving our goal and this includes being transparent. We have tried our utmost to do this in our White Paper and on our website. We actively participate in international events and conferences where you can meet us and learn more about our team and our plans.
We are going to launch our bounty campaign soon.
The crowd funding will continue for the period of ICO and at the end of that period, if the soft cap is reached, then the project will be deemed a success and we will proceed with the roadmap planned for development. If, however the soft cap is not achieved during the period of ICO, we will be refunding investors and the funds will be returned. This assures our investors that in the event the ICO does not raise sufficient capital, their interests will be looked after and no loss shall be suffered by investors.
All information is in our White Paper. Click HERE to download the Etherecash white paper.
To get in touch with Etherecash use the following links: Twitter, Facebook , Youtube.
Our platform is designed to ensure the highest standards of security. Our core focus is on S3 - Speed, Security and Service. For us, security is a high priority and we are working endlessly to ensure that your tokens are kept safe.
No, all purchases are non-refundable. Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before purchasing.

Peer to Peer Queries

  • First Sign Up and complete our KYC and AML requirements. Then you can outline your lending parameters and attract borrowers and their loan proposals.
There is no limitation to prevent exclusion.
There is no fixed rate of interest. It may vary depending upon the mutual terms agreed in the Smart Contract between the lender and borrower.
The lender receives crypto assets from the borrower as collateral against the loan. This means that the loan is asset backed and should the borrower default on repaying the loan, the lender will be able to liquidate the crypto assets to offset the outstanding debt.
There is no fixed loan term. It may vary depending upon the mutual terms agreed in the Smart Contract between the lender and borrower.
We mean an official opinion and backing on the conditions of the contract for peer to peer lending.
Yes, you may give more than one loan at a time or also participate in partial funding for a loan.
The Fiat currency must first be converted to either Bitcoin or Ethereum, enabling the Lender to buy Etherecash Tokens to provide the loan and send the loan amount to the borrower.
All borrowers must register on the Etherecash platform and meet the KYC and AML requirements to complete verification. Secondly, the borrower may disclose the purpose of the loan and submit a proposal on how they intend to use the loan amount, bringing transparency to the process.
You can only use Etherecash tokens in the platform. So to get started convert your fiat to BTC or ETH to purchase Etherecash tokens. Then at the point of payout or withdrawal you can also choose your desired currency.
You will be notified by email and through the Etherecash platform. The borrower will be given the opportunity to either liquidate the crypto assets or replenish them so they meet the minimum threshold as per the smart contract. If the borrower does not attempt to meet these terms the crypto assets will be automatically liquidated to meet the shortfall and distributed to the lender.
First Sign Up and complete our KYC and AML requirements. Then you can outline your loan purpose and begin shopping for suitable lenders offering the terms that best suit you.
By obtaining a loan agains your crypto assets, you generate funds, while still preserving your cryptos. This means you can benefit from any appreciation in your cryptos during the loan term also. It's a win win.
There is no limitation to prevent exclusion.
Any type, such as student, medical, car repairs, home improvement etc.
The crypto assets used as collateral will be liquidated and used to offset the debt owed to the lender.
Making repayments has never been easier. Using Etherecash you can make transfers internationally quick, cheap and hassle free.
Yes, you can prepay your loan and finish it early without any penalties, but the interest amount will remain the same.
You have multiple options available to you. First, you can convert it to fiat currency by selling your Etherecash tokens. Alternatively you can directly make payments internationally or locally using Etherecash. You can even choose to receive it on the Etherecash crypto debit card which works just like a normal debt card for online and in-stores payment or ATM withdrawals in local currency.
You will be notified by email and through the Etherecash platform giving you the opportunity to either liquidate your crypto assets or replenish them so you meet the minimum threshold as per the smart contract.
Etherecash focuses strongly on security. Your crypto assets will be in cold storage in a multi-sig wallet to ensure maximum security.

Money Transfer : Queries

There is no such limit. You can transfer any amount, no matter how big or small it is.
Yes, there will be a small fee for each transaction to cover the gas fee.
It will happen near instantaneously, in just minutes.

Crypto Debit Card : Queries

Sign Up on our website www.etherecash.io and apply for your crypto debit card.
If you have already registered on our website then your KYC and AML requirements would already be complete. No further document should be required.
Yes, you can withdraw money from ATMs available around the globe in local currency.
It works just like a normal debit card for payments online or in-stores, along with cash withdrawals from the ATM.

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