Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The profile and portfolio of all the members working within the organization shall be extremely confidential, and will not be revealed to any other member in the system unless an express agreement is sought by the member. All the data in this system is held in a distributed way. This is important to evade the user data breaches that befall centralized databases. Talking about the Etherecash platform, the loan collateral is autonomously protected in unique smart contracts associated with individual credit contracts.

Frequent development needs developers to have consent to access and to update the software and as a result, the back-end marketplace will be centralized and under the control of Lending as an organization. This system receives the trust sensitive aspects of the protocol tokens which underpin the product. It is purely dedicated to keep all the personal data and information precise, private and secure, which is being collected from the people that visit our website and make use of our platform.

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