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The white paper and the website of Etherecash are made for information purpose only. These documents and data are just the summary and description of what we do. This information is not at all a proposal or a solicitation to buy or sell any security or to make an investment in any financial entity. The registration on the Etherecash platform allows access to the services given by this system as detailed herein. The registration doesn’t give any rights or any claims or any of the assets of Etherecash or any share in any profit that the platform may attain, to the holders. Interested parties recognize approving to the Consent to Use Electronic Records, Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. The white paper and the content on the website of Etherecash are subject to change at any point of time without prior notification. The white paper and the website of Etherecash explain the recent plan and vision of this whole system. While we aim to achieve this idea, kindly understand that this vision is reliant on quite a large number of factors which are completely subject to a huge number of risks. In any case, we don’t give any kind of guarantee or warrant of any of the statements mentioned in the white paper or on the website of Etherecash, because they are clearly founded on our current theories, prospects and assumptions, about which there can be no promise due to various anticipated and unanticipated proceedings that may happen. Kindly know that we aim to work hard in achieving this vision laid out in the white paper and on the website of Etherecash, but that you cannot rely on any of it coming true. Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and all the other facets of our technology and these markets are in their beginning and will be subject to many experiments, competition and an altering environment. We will always try to inform our community as things happen, change and grow, but Etherecash v1.0.0 Page 40 of 45 commence no responsibility to do so. All the interested parties recognize that the Etherecash system, as described herein, may never in fact work as envisioned.

Parties also recognize that all facilities and scope of work projected in this white paper is subject to any licensing mandatory.

The information, data, facts and graphical content enclosed in the white paper and website of Etherecash shouldn’t be interpreted as a guarantee and are subject to change at any point of time without prior announcement. The data and information enclosed herein is projected for familiarization, and should never be used or replicated in any form in full or share. Etherecash’s white paper has been made to the best of our information and research, however it should not be trusted upon for any future actions including but not limited to financial or investment related decisions. The organization, founders, consultants or associates shall not be accountable for any losses that rise in any way due to the utilization of these documents or the contents contained herein.

All the content, both written and graphic, may be historical or forward looking and therefore should not be relied upon. The content is created on conventions and therefore utilizes words such as ‘expects’, ‘intends’, ‘will’, ‘can’, ‘should’ or similar expressions. The expectations drawn in these data and documents are purely constructed on past trends and data from 3rd parties and other sources, which were believed to be rational at the time they were made. However, they still contain unexpected and unknown risks and uncertainties, as it’s completely impossible to foresee anything outside of our instant control including economic influences. All the people and investors are requested to prudently consider the benefits, costs and risks of obtaining the token through this crowdsale as opposed to through a third-party exchange, once active.

Terms of Purchase

All the acquisitions of Etherecash tokens are quite non-refundable. Possession of Etherecash tokens doesn’t stand for any future governance of this system. By buying Etherecash tokens you recognize that you have sensibly studied the “Terms of Purchase” and fully comprehend the risks and benefits, and are allowed by law to purchase the token in your present given jurisdiction. You further signify and warrant that you are of legal age to be bound by these terms and conditions, and will not hold the organization, its legislatures, founders, affiliates or consultants, now or in the future liable for any losses or damages arising out of the purchase or sale of this Etherecash token. The buyer will take single responsibility for any risks related with the acquisition of Etherecash token and represents and warrants that the acquisition is to upkeep the growth of the project, that it is not for the purpose of speculative investment, that the buyer has done proper research on the company and its scope of work

and has an understanding of the practice and difficulties of the cryptographic token, the blockchain technology, the Ethereum ecosystem and the smart contract notion and placement. At the time of buying Etherecash tokens on the Etherecash website, a complete and detailed Terms and Conditions shall be presented to the buyer, which must be settled to by the buyer to continue with the acquisition of the Etherecash token. The KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) needs must be obeyed to and contented by the buyer as per the needs mentioned at the time of purchase.

The Etherecash ecosystem is envisioned to be established as per the scope of work contained herein, on the positive conclusion of the ICO; however the project scope, budget and deadlines are exposed to change at any point of time and should not be deemed as ultimate.

Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

Most of the elements of Etherecash’s whitepaper shall be governed by International Legal Terms. The Etherecash community widely trusts in best exercise rules and regulations planned to confirm legal and regulatory compliance. Every registered user shall have to comply with the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and the KYC (Know Your Customer) standards with respect to the global standards. Etherecash is devoted to preserve obedience with laws, regulation, and licensing with governing bodies to attain supportable growth. We also believe in random securitization of the profiles of lenders and borrowers periodically. We aim to make a list of higher risk profiles and would like to distribute and supply that information to government agencies as per their request. Although, our system is in no way accountable for risk management of lenders and borrowers engaged in our system. This system will apply the rules and regulations connected to lending, the Truth-in Lending Act, user protection act, data security and deceptive business practices and other process planned as legal and regulatory compliance in the countries where our system is operational.

We wish to act with the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and accountability. The system of Etherecash presently does not support any registration for citizens and tax residents from the following countries:

  • United States of America, New Zealand, Canada
  • Somalia, Lebanon, Pakistan, Nepal, South Korea
  • Central African Republic, Switzerland, China, Bangladesh

Etherecash tokens shall not be presented for sale or sold to any individual who is resident or situated in any state or jurisdiction where such dealings are not applicable by law or need specific licensing or regulatory approvals. Participating parties are autonomously accountable to regulate such restrictions applicable to them directly and obey with them.

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